Frey-Moss Structures

Frey-Moss focuses on creating the best quality structures, and the modular building
represents the heart and soul of our product line.
From conception to completion, Frey-Moss possesses the expertise
to manufacture the highest quality buildings in the industry.

Company Profile

Frey-Moss Structures was founded in 1992 and quickly began manufacturing convenience stores, carwashes, fuel kiosks and canopies for all the major oil companies including several independent jobbers. Frey-Moss also began to explore opportunities in the food services industry by developing relationships with some large companies such as Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken, just to name a few.

Today we service both retail and government market sectors. We have a healthy customer base and remain a true spirited leader in cost saving designs, committed to excellence and unmatched service.

We are passionate about the relationships that we have established with our customers. We are passionate about providing a solution far superior to any on the market. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality support by establishing personal relationships with each customer.

We combine our manufacturing and innovation capabilities with over 200 years of management experience to uniquely position Frey-Moss Structures as the industry dominant, single source supplier. Frey-Moss has unprecedented in-house automated manufacturing capabilities to meet all your fabrication and installation needs, whether large or small.

Mission Statement

We are inspired each day when a new or existing customer commits to Frey-Moss by selecting us as their structure provider. A customer chooses to work with Frey-Moss not only because our product is superior and competitive, but also because they know our level of commitment. Our customers want a company that is sincerely looking out for their best interest, is dedicated to continued innovation, and will truly be a long-term partner. This is our focus.

We are committed to growing Frey-Moss into a truly great company. Strong relationships with customers, a top of the line facility and a phenomenal management team have helped this company grow rapidly over the last several years. We are committed to both our customers and co-workers to continue the rate of growth.

To ensure our focus remains on building a great company and servicing the needs of our customers, we have established
three fundamental beliefs by which Frey-Moss operates.

We believe our integrity, character, and attitude toward work are displayed by these key values:

Deliver Employee Success

We are committed to making this a great place to work. Frey-Moss will be a place where expectations are high and everyone works hard with great passion; those that perform will have tremendous autonomy and will be given the freedom to make a tangible impact on the organization.

Deliver Customer Success

We will consistently strive to exceed customer expectations and build long-term relationships. Frey-Moss employees promise to deliver an excellent solution and value proposition to our customer.

Deliver Company Success

We will be an aggressive organization, consistently pushing toward growth and profitability with an increasing impact on the market place.

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