General Overview

To assist the customer to design and develop a marketable and cost effective structure.

Engineering Coordination

At Frey-Moss Structures, we team with licensed professional architects and engineers to design your building enabling your project to meet all national, state and local requirements.

We coordinate the designing process to meet local, state and national codes for modular buildings and canopies utilizing the latest software programming. The overall experience provides the customer with the confidence to deliver the most economical and appealing design. We also specialize in prototype development and manufacturing, working hard to implement lessons learned in ongoing modular rollout programs.

Company Profile

Frey-Moss Structures was founded in 1992 and quickly began manufacturing convenience stores, carwashes, fuel kiosks and canopies for all the major oil companies including several independent jobbers. Frey-Moss also began to explore opportunities in the food services industry by developing relationships with some large companies such as Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken, just to name a few.

Today we service both retail and government market sectors. We have a healthy customer base and remain a true spirited leader in cost saving designs, committed to excellence and unmatched service.


Our manufacturing facilities are impressive and state-of-the-art. We have invested in our fabrication machinery to insure that it produces the best quality product available. All equipment is well maintained. Our equipment consists of a automated beam line, roll-formers, shears, presses, punches and overhead cranes, just to name a few. There is currently over 200,000 square feet of production facilities under roof to meet our customer’s production needs. This aspect reduces the potential delays caused by weather conditions and facilitates having all the customer’s equipment received and installed prior to delivery.

Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, each building is subjected to rigorous inspections by our quality control department. This group uses a series of proven systems to ensure all inspections are performed, logged and filed with appropriate state building officials.


Frey-Moss operates its own fleet of tractors and customized trailers to ensure on-time deliveries. Our team coordinates with multiple DOT agencies to formulate a safe and speedy delivery for each project.


Our field installation crews are well-trained to perform install procedures in a safe and controlled manner. By applying situational awareness to every step of the install process, our safety record is unprecedented.

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