Car Washes

Car Wash buildings are now available in a modular, assembled unit complete with all equipment, installed in our plant as an option.


  • Very short construction time for the entire project
  • Installation of the car wash building on your site
  • Ready in just a single day
  • A fully-functioning car wash in less than thirty days is readily achievable.
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Frey-Moss Innovation

Frey-Moss produced and tested the prototype design in 2000. Recent incorporated refinements have reduced the cost and enabled a complete installation in factory of both the wash bay machinery and the support components located in the adjacent equipment room.

Attractive design incorporates standard 7’ high full glass on front, and a choice of modern glossy metallic exterior, EIFS stucco, traditional brick in numerous colors, or split face block on remaining exterior. Available finishes and colors include all major brand images.

Move the entire car wash with ease

Because the wash building and equipment room are completely modular, they are re-locatable. A re-locatable building offers some very important advantages to the owner when compared to conventional construction:

  • A short ground lease no longer stands as an impediment to investments of this type. Make the investment, increase revenue and profit and take the building with you at the end of the lease if necessary.
  • Preserve your capital and lease the entire building and equipment package.
  • Easily move the building to another site if desired.
  • Accelerated Depreciation as re-locatable piece of equipment.

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