Lube Bays

Frey-Moss has constructed over one hundred quick lube centers for major marketers and independent operators since 1995. The Frey-Moss modular quick lube has proven to be highly cost competitive versus standard techniques with the additional revenue benefit of slicing a month off the typical construction schedule.



The Frey-Moss Modular approach is ideal for the lube industry.

  • Very competitive over conventional construction
  • Instant speed to market, reduce construction time by 50% or more
  • Buildings are shipped complete with your equipment package installed
  • Buildings are factory-built utilizing all steel and concrete construction
  • Complete with mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Unlimited exterior finishes to meet any image requirement
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From the Inside to the Outside

The Frey-Moss advantage in quick lubes begins with our experience in steel design and construction. Floors are heavily reinforced with structural members, steel decking and columns located at the catwalks, leaving much of the basement floor free for tanks and storage of other materials.

Made of incredibly durable sheet metal material, interior walls will never need painting and stand up to wear by the customers and the tools of the trade.

Frey-Moss offers exterior finishes in a range of optional textures and colors and includes glossy metallic finish, EIFS stucco, split face block, and traditional brick.

The Complete Installation

Like all Frey-Moss modular buildings, the lube center arrives complete with all components including:

  • Reinforced concrete floor
  • Walls including interior and exterior finish
  • Electrical main panel, lights, switches, receptacles
  • HVAC system in waiting room and offices
  • Plumbing for restrooms and sinks
  • Storefront glass
  • Overhead and walk-through doors

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