The Development


1. Discovery

1-2 days

Initial contact with Frey-Moss Structures sales personnel to clarify scope and identify customer requirements.

2. Proposal

1-2 weeks

Proposal submitted for customer’s review and identification of scope changes. Upon both parties’ approval, the contract is executed.

3. Engineering


Engineering process begins and drawings are submitted for customer approvals.

4. Approval

2-4 weeks

Drawings are modified, if necessary, and approved; state approvals are requested, 2-4 weeks in most cases.

5. Fabrication


Manufacturing of your modular structure begins. This will vary in length of time depending on the type of structure being built. As the fabrication process starts, your site contractor can begin site preparations parallel to that of the building. This includes pouring pier foundations designed for the Frey-Moss modular building, ensuring proper building support.

It is easy to see that with site preparation and building construction happening simultaneously, the time it takes to go from design to an operating business bringing in customers can be reduced as much as 30 days. This dramatic timesaving feature means more money to you and avoidance of costly over runs, which typically happen on most stick built projects.

6. Installation

1-2 weeks

Your brand new store has been built and is now ready for delivery. Our team goes on the road to assist in all operations involved in installing the building. We can deliver to most anywhere in the U.S. Because of the modular design, we are able to transport to your site in a safe and controlled manner.

At the site, a crane will place each piece in their exact position. The foundations provided by the general contractor are poured to our specifications and this is where our precision planning and construction really pay off. All the pieces fit together much like an erector set with each bolt and each fitting lining up perfectly. Once in place, everything is welded down. Plumbing and electrical hook ups are made by the general contractor. Amazingly, in just one day on the site, your Frey-Moss modular structure is in place.

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